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Our Approach

Our approach is to provide simple to understand projects based and focused on key deliverables: Branding. Public Relations. Marketing. Promotion. Release Execution.

We break down your abstract ideas and provide you with some of our own to create realistic cost-effective components to help you complete your industry-related projects.

It seems these days that everywhere an artist or band turns to get in the game promoting their music, another cost pops up. That is not what we are about. We understand that not everyone is made of money or has big label support. We also don’t ask you to sell your soul, or bet the farm, pay to play or pay per submission,

We workout scalable, affordable projects for our artists with flexible pay as you go payment arrangements. We’re here to help you get there.


We Mange

phil nero
Phil Naro (OZONE BABY)

Management by Project

Being successful in the music industry involves a lot of hard work and the old cliche – It only takes one – is a little out of date. The never-ending series of projects, a major marketing campaign, touring, a release campaign for your new single, album or video, radio play outreach, social media placements, awards, podcasts, playlists, website development, licensing and syncs, the list seems endless and a lot to manage all at once.

These projects come in all sizes, budgets, and levels of complexity and we’re here to help. You select what areas you want our assistance and what our level of involvement will be.

We can administer projects as they come up or be a gatekeeper for your business. In industry terms, your designated manager, agent or primary press contact.

WOBZ white labels our services to industry professionals. Please contact Shay directly to inquire.

Phil Habid (vocals) Joe Polito (guitar) Darkhorse
Jenn Wren (Clockwork) & Mike Richards (Eklectik)

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