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Publishing & Sync

Recently publishing and sync has popped up on independent artists radar as gigs and tours have been very difficult to get the last couple of years so music publishing is an important potential revenue stream for songwriters and independent artists.

Representing writers and copyrights in varied genres of music WOBZ Music is a resource for songwriters to present music to music supervisors, managers, and labels in search of songs and artists collaborations for television, film, games, commercials and pretty much anything else you can think of.

As an affiliate of thebuzzr media, we tap into a vast international network to find effective ways to find new fans and expand the reach of your music.

There are differing opinions about what success is in the music industry. Although plays, playlist streams, podcasts and peer recognition are great we also believe that developing a revenue stream and making a little money never hurts.

If you would like to discuss exploring how we can help you with your project or career please email or call/text Shay at 226.203.6646 anytime for an appointment.

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Phil Habid, Anthony Carvanara & Joe Polito
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The Good Brothers

Photos: ShootingStarr Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography.